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Other Services

The overall idea is that AFSL will be a Mega Card Scheme that will support issuing and Card Management that can serve the following Allow institutions (banks, OFIs, MFBs and other licensed financial institutions) to be able to issue cards and Other Card Schemes connect and leverage the AFSL platform to serve their customers.

Contactless cards: is a debit or credit card with contactless technology that allows you tap or wave your card over the card reader. It does not require swiping.

Loyalty cards: is a card issued by a supermarket or chain store to a customer and used to record credit points awarded for money spent in the store.

Co-branded cards: Co-branded Cards are products of a mutual partnership between a Merchant and a Card Issuer.Together they create a Card with the Merchant Logo and provide Merchant.

Contactless Debit Card: the transaction is completed by simply holding or tapping the card on a contactless-enabled card reader.

Identity Cards: will leverage identity platforms to drive authentication, identification, payments and access etc

Non-Interest Cards: same as conventional cards; however, it has no interest charge.

Access & smart Cards: Smart cards can also help protect corporate information networks — so-called logical access control, as compared with physical access control for entry into a facility.

Other Services, among many others, are

NQR codes/NFC capabilities: The cards will ride on the NQR platform to digitize local payments options

Loyalty schemes: Card users earn points for transactions processed via ATM, POS and Web. Redemption of gifts through designated online reward portal and other defined channels.

Opportunities for White Label Alliance (WLA)